State Employee Group Health Insurance

For 2022 the Department of Employee Trust Funds (ETF) proposed some changes to improve the health, pharmacy, and dental benefits available to state employees through Wisconsin’s group health insurance plan for.  These improvements were not included in the Joint Committee on Finance’s 2021-2023 biennial budget recommendations, and their future is uncertain at this time.

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ACE Advocacy on Health Insurance

ACE monitors potential changes in health insurance and important trends, communicates with the Department of Employee Trust Funds and the Group Insurance Board, and shares information with its membership.  One or more ACE Board members attend and, when appropriate, testify at Group Insurance Board meetings.

ACE participated in the process of selecting a vendor for the State’s Medicare Advantage Plan, which was first made available to retired State employees in 2019.  The Plan contains protections and benefits not always available in other Medicare Advantage Plans.  ACE newsletters have provided information about the Plan.

ACE took an active stance against the self-insurance program proposed under the Walker administration, which ultimately was not adopted.

Examples of ACE advocacy on health insurance benefits can be found in the ACE Newsletters.

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