Civil Service


Each year ACE works with other groups to recognize the birthday of Wisconsin Civil Service which was enacted in 1905.  Activities have ranged from a major program held at the library, birthday cake and speeches on the square, parades around the Capitol, and proclamations and press releases.  Sample activities are highlighted below. 

2020 – Proclamation_by Governor Evers recognizing the 115th Anniversary of Wisconsin Civil Service

2019 – Presentation for the 114th anniversary of the creation of Civil Service in Wisconsin

2005 – The History Of The Wisconsin Civil Service 1905 – 2005

Research and analysis

ACE also works to restore and maintain a sound civil service system by analyzing and monitoring government activities and making recommendations.  Samples of our high quality research are highlighted below. 

2021 March – Trends in state employee separation data are worrisome – ACE Newsletter

2020 May – The Continuing Erosion of Wisconsin State Goverment – ACE Newsletter

2019 March – The Impact of Wisconsin Civil Service “Reform” – ACE Newsletter

2019 February – Analysis of The Wisconsin Administrative Code Changes Related to the Civil Service Reforms – ACE Newsletter

Letters to state agencies

ACE writes letters to agencies concerning potential problems with use of project employees over many years.  For example: 

2014 August – Project employee letter to state agencies


Characteristics of Wisconsin’s Civil Service System

Threats to Wisconsin’s Civil Service System

Wis Coalition to Save Civil Service FAQs on civil service 2016 05 23

Other key resource links

State of Wisconsin Human Resources Handbook

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State of Wisconsin Division of Personnel Management (replaced Office of State Employment Relations)