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New type of health insurance is available beginning in 2019 for retirees with Medicare — see our Special Edition October 1, 2018 and October 18, 2018 newsletters on ‘Medicare Advantage’



The Association of Career Employees (ACE) is a professional membership association comprised of current and retired Wisconsin state employees who work together to promote employment policies that support good government.

We believe that a strong civil service with a qualified, fairly treated and adequately compensated workforce are necessary for good government.

We monitor, develop positions, and communicate with decision-makers on issues like merit recruitment, civil service protections, state employee salaries, health insurance, and retirement benefits.

ACE publishes an online newsletter, sends occasional e-mail blasts to inform members about issues and opportunities, and coordinates with other groups advocating for similar goals.

ACE has worked to support state employees for more than 40 years.


  • Restore and maintain a sound civil service system.
  • Assure that the state hires employees based on merit.
  • Limit the use of project positions, limited term employees, contractors and unclassified political appointees in place of permanent civil service jobs
  • Provide a fair and adequate compensation plan and high-quality health insurance and other benefits.
  • Preserve the integrity of the Wisconsin Retirement System for state, local government and school district employees

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We wrote the Group Insurance Board and the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee to express concerns about the proposals for self-insurance and regionalization.  JFC did reject the self-insurance proposal, and for now it seems dead.

We analyzed the new Medicare Advantage plan for retirees, and alerted members to the opportunity to enroll.

We reviewed the new administrative rules related to civil service and analyzed changes.

We regularly contact the Division of Personnel Management to advocate for state employee benefits and wage increases in the compensation plan.

We work with other organizations to support the principles of Wisconsin’s civil service.  We recently helped organize a well-attended anniversary event to support and celebrate civil service.

ACE testified before the Group Insurance Board, questioning an initiative for self-insured health insurance, leading to successfully retaining continued competition and choice.

ACE assisted in developing the Medicare Advantage health insurance option for Medicare-enrolled state and local retirees, providing Uniform Benefits at reduced premium with nationwide coverage:  1) ACE submitted information to the Group Insurance Board to assist with initial program development criteria; 2) an ACE board member participated in contract review (operating under state confidentiality rules); 3) ACE provided highly regarded and informative ACE Newsletter updates to members in Fall 2018.


ACE filed lawsuits against the Governor’s Office and the Personnel Commission under Tommy Thompson’s administration to stop inappropriate use of project positions and received a stipulation, judgment, and order from the court.

ACE served on the Governor’s Civil Service Committee in 1996.

ACE was responsible for the Joint Committee on Employment Relations providing parity compensation adjustments to managers and supervisors following union contract ratification.

ACE has regularly played a strong role in the activities of the Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants and other retirement groups working to protect the retirement system.

ACE initiated efforts to create a deferred compensation program and lobbied for its passage.

ACE influenced legislators to introduce a bill granting a half-day floating holiday to replace Good Friday after a federal court decision ruling that the holiday was illegal.

ACE has intervened on behalf of high profile civil service cases to help make a difference.

ACE has monitored merit-based compensation programs to assure that all levels of eligible employees are treated fairly.