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About ACE – Who We Are

ACE Goals for 2021

Highlights of Accomplishments, 2018-2020

Earlier Major Accomplishments

About ACE – Who We Are

The Association of Career Employees (ACE) has been a voice for Wisconsin’s civil service employees for more than 40 years.

Our purpose is to identify common concerns of state civil service employees, represent state employee and retiree interests, and protect what has been, and can again be, a nationally respected civil service system.

We believe that a strong civil service with a qualified, fairly treated and adequately compensated workforce is necessary for good government.

ACE is a professional membership organization, not a union.  We are unique in that we represent employees in executive, confidential, and supervisory classifications as well as employees who are not managers or supervisors.  Membership is open to any current or former state employee who shares our goals and vision.

Our membership list is confidential.

ACE Goals for 2021

ACE will continue to monitor government activities affecting civil service protections and provide educational and promotional activities to increase awareness of its importance.

ACE will evaluate the state budget and state employee compensation plan and communicate with the Department of Personnel Management, the Joint Committee on Employment Relations and the Joint Finance Committee.

ACE will improve the website, publish newsletters and reports, and provide information through social media.

ACE will initiate activities to recruit more active state government employees, including conducting One-on-One interviews.

ACE will make public record requests to obtain data on employee overtime, employee discipline and termination, the number of job applicants for positions, and use of project, LTEs, and outsourcing in lieu of hiring civil service employees with full benefits.

ACE will review application and hiring practices and the resulting quality of civil service recruitment and hiring.

ACE will review the It’s Your Choice annual information and offer suggestions to Employee Trust Funds.

ACE will monitor COVID-19’s impact on employee work locations and environment, including the ability to work at home.

Highlights of accomplishments, 2018-2020

ACE testified before the Group Insurance Board and wrote the legislature’s Joint Finance Committee to express concerns about the proposals for self-insurance and regionalization.  JFC did reject the self-insurance proposal.

ACE was represented on the committee (operating under state confidentiality rules) that reviewed proposals for the new Medicare Advantage plan for retirees.  A vendor was selected and an advantage plan program was rolled out.  We notified members of the new service and documented the process through the ACE Newsletter.

ACE reviewed the new administrative rules related to civil service and analyzed changes.

ACE regularly contacted the Division of Personnel Management to advocate for state employee benefits and wage increases in the compensation plan. We testified before the Joint Committee on Employment Relations.

ACE worked with other organizations to support the principles of Wisconsin’s civil service.

We recently helped organize a well-attended anniversary event to support and celebrate civil service.

Earlier Major Accomplishments

ACE filed lawsuits against the Governor’s Office and the Personnel Commission under Tommy Thompson’s administration to stop inappropriate use of project positions and received a stipulation, judgment, and order from the court.

ACE served on the Governor’s Civil Service Committee in 1996.

ACE was responsible for the Joint Committee on Employment Relations routinely providing parity compensation adjustments to managers and supervisors following union contract ratification.

ACE has regularly played a strong role in the activities of the Wisconsin Coalition of Annuitants and other retirement groups working to protect the retirement system.

ACE initiated efforts to create a deferred compensation program and lobbied for its passage.

ACE influenced legislators to introduce a bill granting a half-day floating holiday to replace Good Friday after a federal court decision ruling that the holiday was illegal.

ACE has intervened on behalf of high-profile civil service cases to help make a difference.

ACE has monitored merit-based compensation programs to assure that all levels of eligible employees are treated fairly.